1. Quit Lying to Yourself About UX Jobs

    People lie to themselves all the time.  About a lot of things. But one of the topics I hear being lied about most commonly on a day-to-day basis is jobs. “There aren’t any entry-level UX jobs.”“I just can’t get a senior UX job.”“Product design jobs are impossible to get.”“No one…

  2. To Be Fulfilled in Your Work, Figure Out Your Must-Haves

    Know Where You’ve Come From I’ve been working professionally since I was a kid. My mom was always an amazing example of entrepreneurial force and independence. She left her full-time, mid-level Property Management job in the mid-eighties and struck out on her own to build her practice. (She’s been…

  3. Build an Hourglass Structure to Your User Interviews

    It should basically look like this: >< 1. Start wide. Play dumb. Remember, you know nothing. 2. Focus in tight. Ask detailed questions.Build on the new knowledge you have. Don’t interrogate, but don’t lob softballs, either. 3. End wide. Ask them about generalized thoughts and bigger principles. And remember, they…

  4. Excerpt from a Convo: Accessibility

    Matthew  1:25 pmHere’s the best of what I found in my research for accessibility training (aka WCAG and ADA Compliance): to Get Certified for WCAG Compliance - NP GROUP —— Montserrat  1:28 pm omggg this is perfect!! thank you thank you! —— Matthew  1:29 pm the weird thing is

  5. Excerpt from a Convo: New Job, New Challenges

    Lisa  1:50 am Hey Matthew,  How are you?  I’ve been at the new job about a month and a half so wanted to give you an update! What a crazy first month. I’ve had virtually no onboarding and just thrown in the deep end to sink or swim. It’s my

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