1. What the Hell is Going On? Doing Research in an Unfamiliar Context

    Date 19 Apr 2019
    Looking for Matt’s slide deck for tonight’s talk? https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1KJvtDITX_-BZ7CLIuxZK0_wc1ZWhUTUXckeB6jPfdcE — Thursday, April 18, 6pm Skookum https://www.meetup.com/DenverUX/events/258605011/ Description: We all love the idea of designing for something on the horizon, innovating and shaping the future of products at the cutting edge of technology. However, when we are faced with such tasks,…

  2. The Structure of Retainer Deals for UX Designers

    Date 25 Mar 2019
    I want to say this up front (as many people will disagree with the approach), but I don’t generate written contracts. I’m not litigious in any sense—I’m relational. I tend to believe that business relationships generally end when my effectiveness ends, so I work on conflict resolution and then, if

  3. In Response to Ageism in Tech

    Date 25 Feb 2019
    ** While I have been lucky enough not to experience more than one occasion of overt ageism (an interview with a startup with a young age average), I welcome the competition. I would add a few traits to your assessment of the older designer—we are also commonly more competitive and…

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