What the Hell is Going On Here? Doing User Research in an Unfamiliar Context

Thursday, Apr 18, 2019 
6-8p Mountain

We all love the idea of designing for something on the horizon, innovating and shaping the future of products at the edge of technology. However, when we are faced with such tasks, how do we begin to do research when the platforms we are trying to design for does not exist and there are no users yet?

This event occurs in the past. Want to see how it went? In the Q&A, I revealed I'm like the Michael Jordan of UX.

UX Design: 10-Week Part-Time

Begins May 13, 2019
Ends Jul 22, 2019

In this course, students learn to interview, build wireframes, implement best practices for common design patterns, and marry business goals with user goals.

  • Unit 1: The Design Process
  • Unit 2: Rapid Prototype
  • Unit 3: Hi-Fidelity Prototype
  • Unit 4: Refine
  • Unit 5: Present

$3950, Register at:

EDGE Guest Speaker, Legend

May 16, 2019

EDGE is a community of learners at Legend High School. Students are given the opportunity to discover more about themselves, the community they live in and the world around them.

EDGE welcomes guest speakers throughout the school year.  These events prompt students to examine their own personal skills, attitudes and beliefs of success. Guest speaker help students develop an attitude for achieving greatness.

Closed to the public

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